turning and gliding together through space
Palimpsest #9, Mildura
dual-channel HD video, 2013 (5min excerpt)

Using the gesture of a traditional ballroom dance this site specific work explores part of Mildura’s history through community engagement.

The Viennese Waltz is one of many traditional dances that would have been performed in the purpose built ballroom of the Rio Vista Homestead at the turn of the century. By inviting local ballroom dancers to return to this site, the work reclaims the Bolte’s Gallery’s original function as a ballroom. Two GoPro™ cameras - attached to the torso of each dancer as they perform this waltz - recorded their embodied motions as they moved together through the space. The slow-motion recording resulting from the performance was re-projected back into the Bolte Gallery as a means of expanding and articulating this historical space. By combining the gallery’s traditional use with contemporary imaging technology the space is reactivated, binding past with present.

Jim and Marg Moya and Bob Robert and Faye Norma and Geoff Brian and Faye