you are here
salamanca place Hobart, 2011
augmented reality, video

using the winter solstice 2011 (june 21) as a point of temporal reference, and the layar app. to utilise augmented reality's ability to call up data from a specific location, you are here allows the viewer to access archived video files on their device that matches the time of day that they are there. Because the video is filmed from a location that looks onto the viewer's current position, an uncanny spatial and temporal shift occurs as both real/virtual and past/present conflate.

21.06.11 0700hrs 21.06.11 0800hrs 21.06.11 0900hrs 21.06.11 1000hrs 21.06.11 1100hrs 21.06.11 1200hrs 21.06.11 1300hrs 21.06.11 1400hrs 21.06.11 1500hrs 21.06.11 1600hrs 21.06.11 1700hrs 21.06.11 1800hrs